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Information and How to Articles
Gathered below are articles either written by the Commando Staff or borrowed from sources we have located. This information is in place to help you gauge rather or not you should attempt an install and to help give you insight into availiable items for your vehicle. Enjoy!
Installing a Car Alarm
Benefits of a Remote Starter
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Installing a Power Window Kit
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Installing Power Windows

Power windows in a vehicle are hands down the most convenient accessory available. Reaching across the car, behind your back and below your leg is a thing of the past. SPAL universal power window kits will solve your headache Installation is quite simple and generic no matter what type of vehicle you have. The kit contains gears, caps and mounting hardware for any application on the market. The only thing you should need besides the kit and switches are tools and time.

Begin by planning your installation. Remove the door panels, kick panels and any other panel or carpeting which will need to be removed to run the wires. Next, figure out how you are going to pass the wires through the door boot. A close hanger or similar tool may be necessary. Next, test fit the power window kit to a spot on the door, just by holding it in place, to see where it will best fit. Be sure to keep your eye close on clearances. Lastly, you will need to identify your power and ground sources as well as the switch kit wiring.

Running the Wiring

You will need to run a total of 2 wires into each door you are putting the power window kit onto. First remove the door panel. Now find where the door boot (rubber boot) meets the door and where it meets the vehicle. You will need to fish 2 lengths of wire, long enough to reach your switches, into the door. If the switches are mounted on the door panel itself, remember to run 2 wires for the passenger side, 1 wire for power and 1 wire for ground instead of the 2 previously discussed. The reason is the switch in the driver door will need to be powered to make the motors move. The switch will also need to be connected from the driver's door to the passenger to allow control from the driver side. Run the lengths of wire across the vehicle until you have all the correct wires for each motor, Remember to take notes on which wire color is which wire, as this can become confusing as you start to add wires to the installation. Once the wires are ran, move on to selecting the correct gears.

Selecting the Correct Gears

Inside you power window kit are multiple sets of gears. There are longer gears, called risers. Then shorter drive gears. The idea is to use the shortest possible riser which will still get a good bite on the existing window spline. You the take the drive gear (smaller ones), slip it over the spline on the vehicle, then slip the riser gear (larger ones) into the window motor then over the drive gear. So it should end up window motor a riser gear a drive gear a window spline on vehicle. Once you have identified which gears will be used to make a good seat and fit, move on to mounting the motors.

Mounting the Power Window Motors

Now that you know which gears you will use, you need to secure the window motor kit so that it turns in a complete circle. Go back to when you planned the installation. Find the mounting location for the motor and attach it with the supplied hardware and straps. Make sure to attach the gear side of the kit as well as the motor side. It is extremely important that the unit does not move when operating. Keep in mind the motors are flexible. If you need to bend it slightly to find a spot for installation, do such; it will still operate just as described. If you have a problem finding a place to mount it directly to the door, use the straps and mount it recessed into a void in the door skin. Make the strap suspend it inside that hole/void.

Installing the Power Window Switch Kit

Your switch kit is what controls the motion of your power windows. These kits come in various fashions, but we will touch on 2 door applications. For 2 door vehicles, you can either use a 2 or 3 switch kit. The 2 switch kits are generally mounted in a center console area where the 3 switch kits are mounted 2 for the driver door and 1 for the passenger.

2 Switch kits are to be mounted in the center area, where driver and passenger can reach the both of them. Dremel out a space and slip the switches in. They have locking tabs on the side for a snug fitment. You will find 4-5 wires on the bottom of the switch; 5 wires if your switch is illuminated. Connect the 12volt wire to either and ignition wire or a 12 volt constant source. It depends on if you only want the windows to work with the car on or if you wish them to operate always. Now connect the ground wire to chassis ground or the negative battery terminal. If your switch is illuminated, connect the illumination wire to the parking light positive wire on your vehicle. This will illuminate the switch whenever the lights are turned on. There are 2 wires left over, these are your window motor leads. On your window motor, there are 2 wires, usually green and blue. Take one wire and put it to 12 volts constant. The other wire and put it to chassis ground. This will move the window either up or down. Make a note of which color was on 12volts constant when the window goes up. On your switch, there are 2 wires left. One connected to the "up" part of the switch, the other connected to the "down". Whichever wire on the window motor was at 12 volts constant when the window rolled upwards, connect that to the "up" location wire on the switch. Connect the "down" wire from the switch to the other wire on the same motor. Repeat for the other switch. Installing the 3 switch kit is basically the same, except you must add a separate group of wires. Wire everything the same as above, just run 2 wires from the driver side to the passenger side. Connect the motor leads from the passenger switch from the driver door and the switch on the passenger door together. This will allow the two switches to operate together. Then wire the passenger door switch the same as the driver. You should be complete.

Testing your Installtion

Testing the installation is quite simple. Start by using the driver switches and rolling the windows full up and full down, driver and passenger. Do this maybe 10-15 times to check for any problems. Now move to the passenger side. Using the passenger switch, repeat the up and down process another 5 times. Now turn your parking lights on. If you have illuminated switches, they should light immediately. Congratulations, and enjoy!


ATTENTION: This wiring information is being provided free of charge and on an "as is" basis, without any representation or warranty. It is your responsibility to verify any circuit before interfacing with it by using a digital multimeter. GNU Industries, Inc. assumes no responsibility with regards to the accuracy or currency of this information. Proper installation in every case is and remains the responsibility of the installer. GNU assumes no responsibility resulting from an improper installation, even in reliance upon this information.

Copyright © 2015 GNU Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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