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Vehicle Wiring Details for your
2009-2012 Buick Enclave Wiring Diagram
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Listed below is the vehicle specific wiring diagram for your car alarm, remote starter or keyless entry installation into your 2009-2012 Buick Enclave . This information outlines the wires location, color and polarity to help you identify the proper connection spots in the vehicle. Please be sure to test all of your wires with a digital multimeter before making any connections. More information on using a multimeter and testing wires please see our Technical Support Area.

 12 VOLT CONSTANT   RED/BLACK (+) (3 wires) (50amp)   @ Dash Fusebox, (BLACK 84-Pin Plug) Pins 5, 6 and 76
 IGNITION 1  PINK (+)  @ Ignition Switch or BCM, (LT. GREEN Plug) Pin 14, See NOTE #2
 ACCESSORY/HEATER BLOWER 1  BROWN (+)  @ Ignition Switch or BCM, (LT. GREEN Plug) Pin 21, See NOTE #2
 PARKING LIGHTS ( - )  BROWN/WHITE (-)  @ Headlight Switch or BCM, (WHITE Plug) Pin 8, See NOTE #2
 POWER LOCK  PINK/BLACK (-), See NOTE #3  @ BCM, (GRAY Plug) Pin 12, See NOTE #2
 DOOR TRIGGER  GRAY/BLACK (-), See NOTE #4  @ BCM, (PINK Plug) Pin 10, See NOTE #2
 TRUNK RELEASE  GRAY (-), See NOTE #5  @ BCM, (PINK Plug) Pin 23, See NOTE #2
 HORN  TAN (-)  @ Horn Switch or BCM, (BROWN Plug) Pin 18, See NOTE #2
 BRAKE  LT. BLUE (+)  @ BCM, (BROWN Plug) Pin 5, See NOTE #2
 FACTORY ALARM DISARM   LT. GREEN (-) (Early Production Vehicles Only) See NOTE #7  @ BCM, (PINK Plug) Pin 20, See NOTE #2
 Note #1: the ECM (Engine Control Module) is located in the Engine Compartment, on the front of the motor Note #2: the BCM, (Body control Module) is located under the Driver side Dash and to the LEFT of the Steering Column Note #3: On vehicles with Express Up and Down Power Windows, these wires are not present. To do door locks on these vehicles, you have to Reverse Polarity the Door Lock Motor wires in each Front Doors and Trigger the Rear doors Lock/Unlock wires. The Door Lock Motor wires are GRAY - TAN at each Front Window Switch, (BROWN, 16 Pin Plug) Pins 7 and 8. The Rear Doors Power LOCK is LT. GREEN (+) @ the BCM, (GRAY Plug) Pin 7. The Rear Doors Power UNLOCK is LT. BLUE (-) @ the BCM, (GRAY Palug) Pin 9. Note #4: On vehicles with Express Up and Down Power Windows, this wire is at the Drivers window Switch, (BROWN 16 Pin Plug) Pin 13. Note #5: Meter this wire while Opening the LIFTGATE from the Handle on the Rear of the Vehicle. On Vehicles with Power Liftgate, the Open/Close wire is a DK. GREEN/WHITE @ the Switch in the Dash or the LGM (Lift Gate Module) in the Drivers Side Rear Quarter Panel. Note #6: You can also use the BROWN wire @ the ECM, (BLACK 96 Pin PLug X1) Pin 51. Note #7: Meter this wire while turning the Key in the Drivers Door Key Cylinder. On vehicles with Express Up and Down Power Windows, this wire is at the Drivers Window Switch, (BROWN 16 Pin Plug) Pin 4. Note #8: THIS VEHICLE REQUIRES A SPECIAL INTERFACE BYPASS MODULE, (2) BYPASS MODULES WILL WORK ON THIS VEHICLE THE XK09 OR THE DB-ALL, EITHER BYPASS WILL ALSO REQUIRE THE RFLCHGM TO REMOTE START, TO ORDER GO TO THE INTERFACE BYPASS MODULE PAGE ON THIS WEBSITE.
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