Vehicle Wiring Details for a
2002 Buick Rendezvous
Item Wire Color Polarity Wire Location
12V orange Positive (+) ignition harness
Starter yellow Positive (+) ignition harness
Starter 2 none
Ignition pink Positive (+) ignition harness
2nd Ignition green Positive (+) ignition harness
3rd Ignition none
Accessory orange Positive (+) ignition harness
Accessory 2 brown Positive (+) ignition harness
Tachometer purple/white ignition coil
Power Door (Lock)
Wiring Diagram for
[[1]] Door Lock
red/black [1] pink plug at BCM [2]
Power Door (Unlock)
Wiring Diagram for
[Negative (-)] Door Unlock
same wire as lock Negative (-) pink plug at BCM [2]
Door Trigger blue/white Negative (-) pink plug at BCM [2]
Dome Supervision
Wiring Diagram for
[] Dome
use door trigger
Headlights yellow Negative (-) headlight switch
Parklight Positive do NOT use
Parklight Negative lt blue Negative (-) headlight switch
Wipers green (L), purple(H) Positive (+) steering column
Left Front Window
blue - brown drivers window switch
Right Front Window
lt. blue - tan drivers switch or kick panel
Left Rear Window
green - purple A drivers switch or kick panel
Right Rear Window
lt. green - purple A drivers switch or kick panel
Trunk/Hatch Pin pink/black [3] Negative (-) pink plug at BCM [2]
Hood Pin none
Trunk/Hatch Release
Wiring Diagram for
[Negative (-)] Trunk/Hatch
white/black Negative (-) 16 pin gray plug at BCM [2]
Factory Alarm
Factory Alarm
purple Negative (-) pink plug at BCM [2]
Horn black Negative (-) steering column
Brake white Positive (+) brake pedal switch
Door Motor
gray back of fuse box, blk plug
Door Motor
tan back of fuse box, blk plug
Disarm tan back of fuse box, blk plug
Disarm No Unlock none
Additional Info:
This vehicle is equipped with the pass-key III immobilizer. Use Commando part number TransMod to bypass during remote start mode. [1] Lock and unlock use the same wire. Lock requires a negative trigger with a 470 ohm resistor in-line. Unlock is negative trigger. Must use relays. [2] The BCM is located at the front of the center console under the radio. [3] The liftgate glass pin switch is red/black, also located in the pink plug at the BCM.

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